Influenster & Lancome VoxBox Product test

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageI received free to test for my honest and unbiased opinion from Influenster and Lancome. I received a Teint idole ultra makeup stick in the shade 420 bisque, Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage concealer in 415 bisque, Click & Glow Illuminator in 01 and Le Metallique 09 Mirrored Nude lipgloss.
I’ve used these items several times and I am very pleased with results of each of the products. The Teint Idole Ultrawear makeup stick is a stick formula foundation that blends very easily. My color that I received was a tad dark for me, but I was easily able to blend it and make it work and it looks flawless. This is a more full coverage foundation, so if you have any flaws you need to hide, this foundation will work flawless for that!
The Teint idol ultra wear camouflage concealer works really well, I’ve only used it for covering under eye circles. This is a very high coverage concealer and will cover any imperfections, or could be used for contouring as well as concealing. This color was also a tad dark for me, but I was easily able to blend it and make it look perfect, this camouflage really worked well to cover up my under eye circles.
The Click & Glow Illuminator is a clickable highlighter that has a sponge applicator that the Illuminator comes thru so it’s easy to apply and blend in with the little sponge brush. This was my least favorite item that I received, it works and I love the concept, I just wasn’t crazy about the results, my normal highlighter gives me a better result than this Lancome Click &Go did, however I received shade 01, I would maybe like another shade, I love the concept of the Illuminator as far as the applicator I just didn’t feel I for the right shimmer I’m looking for with at least this shade.
The Le Metallique lip gloss is GORGEOUS! My shade I received was 09 Mirrored Nude, which I have worn alone with just lipliner and it’s beautiful like this as well as I have worn this over lipsticks to give a dull lipstick a sheen. Honestly, I prefer it alone, it. So beautiful, it doesn’t need lipstick underneath it. This lipgloss isn’t sticky or tacky. It wears well without bleeding, as well as feels great while wearing it.
I was super excited to receive this Voxbox from Infuendter and Lancome!

Influenster Loreal Ever cream Line

Influenster VoxBox
Influenster VoxBox
Works Amazing
Loreal EverCream

I received the Loreal Ever Cream Line from Influenster for free to test for my honest and unbiased opinion, and I must say the sulfate free, 100% vegan line is amazing. I was sent the Gold bottle line. I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years, and my very fine thin, highlighted, very easily tangled hair was very managed, without tangles, very soft, smooth and noticeably different and better. To say I’m impressed is an understatement! I very highly recommend this entire line the shampoo, which doesn’t lather like normal shampoos, so be sure to wash twice! The Deep Nourish Conditioner is very conditioning, very tangle free with only leaving in 2-5 minutes. (Which for my hair is unheard of) The Renourishing Butter Deep conditioner restores softness and moisture. I’ve slept with this is my hair, and I’ve left it in 10-15 minutes, both have left me with fabulous results. My natural hair air dryed without any product in it at best looks like frizzy cat fur hair, and honestly cats have much better hair than I do! My hair dryed smooth, straight, soft, shiny, and NOT AT ALL LIKE MY NORMAL HAIR….even my teenaged daughters commented on my hair and Bailey said it must be that new shampoo and conditioner you’ve been using! I said obviously so! I wanted to use this for a couple of weeks before I made a judgement call on this line, and I highly recommend this line. My hair really looks and feels amazing after each wash, and that’s NOT typical, I’ve only found that with one other shampoo, I can for sure say you NEED to be using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner in your hair, it REALLY DOES make a HUGE difference!