Monthly beauty subscription boxes

cropped-image-220x300-1I subscribe to several different beauty box subscriptions every month and I’m totally 100% addicted! I’ve weeded thru them and made what I believe is the perfect list of beauty subscription boxes. I’ve yet to venture out into any other monthly subscription boxes. But I would love to check into some of the food for sure, there are so many possibilities!

Please be patient with me as I get these boxes loaded that I have been letting pile up without taking pics of (and using some out of) I only have the last few months unmolested. But, I have more makeup and hair products that a Sephora, an Ulta had babies and their babies had triplets! Lol, I’ve worked in the hair and makeup industry since 1989 (currently just working on myself, my kids and my grandkids anymore) but beauty is my passion. I love any and all fashion. But beauty is my top fashion accessory. Once I get all my monthly boxes put on and give my opinions of why I chose the choices I chose I will then start to add from my personal collection. I think I have every Mac pigment ever made or pretty close to all of them. I could seriously fill an entire house with beauty products I have so many, yet I continue to buy more because I LOVE them so much.

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