A quick run down on some beauty boxes. More detailed reports with LOADS of photos to follow soon. From June, July and August

Glossybox! Love! $21 month
Boxycharm love almost as much! $21 month
Test tube beauty (every two months) AWESOME $24.95 (I think)
Beautycon ships 4 times a year EVEN MORE AWESOME $24.95 each I think?
Allure LOVE $15 monthly and my favorite CHEAP box
Target and Walmart though maybe better and are for sure cheaper!
Ipsy $10’a month
I’m completely let down with birchbox $10 month or $15? I’ve yet to be happy with a month out of almost a year?
Juleps polish is AMAZING….got one bottle in an allure box, signed up for juleps monthly!
So far luxe pineapple NOT IMPRESSED SAVE YOUR MONEY!
Beauty box 5 so far not impressed.
Beauty dna pricey $25 2 items but VERY SPECIFIC TO YOU.
Dreamastores (can’t think of actual name it’s called) is pretty good stuffed full of stuff LOTS OF TREATMENT AND BODY AND AGING PRODUCTS. WHICH I DONT WANT…I WANT COLOR, HAIR….but all I get us treatment crap from SO MANY I think it’s my STUPID AGE…/Ive actually started LYING, to see if it made a difference, and have multiple subs to some boxes TRYING to get BETTER stuff!
(Now I have about ten new ones coming that I don’t even know what to expect….I CANT WAIT! Nor can I afford this addiction I’ve created….my hubby is gonna kill me!)
I’m blogging about them….
And WHY are MASKS such the rage? Every box has one….I’m SO READY TO BE IN ON THE ACTION OF TRADING….TREATMENT…IVE GOT IT AND DONT WANT IT….just cause I’m stinking old doesn’t mean all I want is wrinkle cream, I don’t even use it anyway! Grr….
Did I give you enough info to get STARTED? with some beauty boxes rolling in? Lol! WHEN WILL THE MAIL MAN BE HERE?
I haven’t gotten one August box…cmon!

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